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Dear Friends of The Travel Industry and Traveler

With more than 36 years of concrete experience in operating inbound tourist business, we are proud to present you our Tariff Manual, featuring Indonesia and we solicit your kind consideration of extending the patronages of our professional and fully personalized service at the most competitive rates for groups and FIT.

Indonesia is a major tourist destination and the world's largest archipelago between Asia & Autralia, where there are still old traditions alive.

With regard to providing any services in the Asean region, please do  not hesitate to contact us; PT. TRITURA JAYA as your reliable travel partner, would be delighted to offer you our best rates and attention as to meet your high standard quality of services.

We look forward to welcoming your distinguished clients and a long lasting-mutually beneficial business relationship between our Company and your esteem organization.

Yours sincerely,

H.S. Rizal Chan, SE
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